New perspective on being me


There is so much of me
I dont even know where to begin

Im learning everyday and piecing the puzzle more and more together

My life up till now could be

like a book of 1 milion pages
And so I turn pages
Writing here and there until my
Attention gets drawn to another
I feel my heart opening up and
Slamming the door again
Memories on present situations
And i feel it rotating
Like time is beginning to fade
Same moments are being played
Over and over again
Everytime in different settings

With different people
My soul is speaking up from the inside

its breaking out of it barriers
and as it does I’m finding my way back inside
and so somewhere in the middle we stumble
Upon one another and we stand there
In complete silence in a perfect moment
Of perfect clearence
We begin our longneeded embrace

We start to hold hands and im starting to
Embrace the darkness and the times I felt disconnected

for I know that darkness has once before brought me towards the light
And standing too long coping was dimming my shine
Im no longer accepting me staying in the shadows
of what I might become
Im ready to know all of my abilities and im searching for the real me
So I go inside my being and I dive into the parts of me that i no longer deny
And its excillerating and terrifying to face the monsters im used to flee from.

It never crossed my mind to stay and fight.
Connected with gaia and standing tall as the trees identifying myself with the strength of the mountains I too stand tall
And I am capable of anything
So I stand up and I feel myself being uplifted
Rewarded almost for being my true self
I have doubted and was gutted until I chose to be set free and I chose to do me
So now I love me unconditionally

and still life isnt about roses, well yeah it is, but I also feel its thorns.

Appreciating their existence

learning that it has a significance just like me.

Im acknowledging my authentic self and I am broadcasting the light. I look around me and I suddenly see myself in a classroom teaching about life and sharing in my experiences,

short as my lifepath is in the years that I have been walking this earth in this life.

But deep down I know and

I feel that I am a soul that is older than trees. I embody a human but my soul was destined to be set free.

And I feel myself floating I go up and soar high. From above I once more gain perspective

and I descent to create impact and learn.

Im not done here

I ache for more and want to connect with the inhabitants.

Stand up for animal rights, even plantlife and oceanic life everything is energy and everything needs affection.

I am worth loving you are worth loving and he is worth loving too. Standing up for what I believe in has given me strength instead of resistence and I now feel I belong.

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